Top of the charts projects

A year in review.  Some of the best projects I’ve seen from teachers this year.

One of the best reasons to be an EdTech Trainer is the ability to see some amazing projects and activities that occur across an entire district and this last year was no exception.  I wanted to share what I thought were the top four activities or projects that I saw in certain areas.


  • Student created interactive portfolios to showcase all their work that they can take with them to college
  • Using Weebly to display researched information in an interactive way
  • Digital Posters with Glogster
  • Socratic Seminar using Today’s Meet


  • Students wrote their own original songs representing the elements and film their music videos
  • Creating commercials
  • Students critiquing books or movies in Spanish
  • Urban Field Experience- representing cities through media

QR Codes:

  • Scavenger hunts with QR Codes
  • As a research tool
  • As a vocabulary tool and interactive word wall
  • Permanent codes in classroom linking to calendar, sites, etc

Social Media/ Presentation Based:

  • Selflessness Selfie: Students take a picture of themselves and instead of using their face- they transform that part into bringing awareness to their topics.
  • 48-hour murder mystery presentation using mathematical formulas to prove their theories
  • Diffusion of folk and popular culture- remixing songs to meet cultural significance
  • Open House re-worked using QR codes to introduce different areas of the school, teachers, and programs that the school offers

App- based:

  • Thinglink as a vocabulary tool
  • Thinglink as a research tool
  • Pic Collage as a marketing tool to promote schools and clubs
  • Using Aurasma app to include more information on field trips and keep students engaged


  • AVID students creating a “Survival Guide” iBook for incoming freshman
  • Bilingual fairy tale story readings to lower grade levels via Skype
  • Class vs Class review jeopardy game using Zoom
  • Tech-a-palooza: Using specific days campus wise to teach technology skills

The supporting premises that describe Organizational Transformation in Creating a New Vision for Public Education articulate the need for a new digital learning environment.


  • A.  The technologies that make this new digital world possible must be viewed as opportunities and tools that can help us in educating and socializing the young both in and outside of school.


Looking forward to seeing all the great project that will come through this year!

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