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Supporting responsible digital citizenship is necessary to embody the first premise within The New Digital Learning Environment, Article I in Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas.

Ia The technologies that make this new digital world possible must be viewed as opportunities and tools that can help us in educating and socializing the young both in and outside of school.

One aspect of digital citizenship is the responsible use of Creative Commons licenses.  The images below identify types of reuse allowed for a licensed work.


BY: This means attribution is required (you are credited for the original creation).

SA: This means share alike and all new works created as a result of your original work will share the same license.

NC: This means non-commercial and all works based on your original work must be licensed as non-commercial.

ND: This means No Derivatives and your original work may be passed on as long as it is unchanged and in whole.

To learn more about the Creative Commons licenses, go to:

One of my favorite websites to search for images in the Public Domain is  The images below are examples from Pixabay, posted in the Public Domain, that is, free for commercial use with no attribution required. Pixabay is my go-to for image searches as the site boasts over 570,000 free photos, vectors, and art illustrations.


My favorite book in the iBooks Store related to Creative Commons and image attribution is Cultivating Dynamic OER: An Open Educational Resource Guide, by Michael S. Mills.  I have utilized this resource in professional learning as well as referenced it myself to build my own knowledge of copyright and images.  One recommendation this book offers is to utilize one’s own images captured with iPhones and iPads. As you can see in the image shared in the Tweet below, using a student-captured photo was the best choice for their multi-classroom created iBook.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 9.13.26 PM

Do you have work you wish to license through Creative Commons?  Use this tool to choose the license best for you:

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