Digital Book Clubs

How do you combine a passion for reading, a balanced literacy program, self-paced content, book clubs for elementary students, and digital access available world wide?  Ask the authors behind the Digital Book Clubs blog!

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Two Literacy Coaches in Coppell ISD, Mrs. Roxann Krautkramer and Mrs. Karen Gullatt are passionate about reading and empowered by their vision to create balanced literacy activities with technology integration for educators around the globe.  The product of their vision, Digital Book Clubs, or DigiLit Book Clubs, provide educators with tools to support the diverse needs of learners in either guided reading groups or as self-paced book clubs.

Supporting the needs of all learners is a priority and by housing the content of the book clubs on iTunes U in conjunction with the accessibility features built into the iPad, these authors have made design decisions with students in mind.

Our digital book clubs were designed so that learners with accommodations could still participate independently.
  • Making use of the embedded Text-to-Speech capabilities of the iPad, the content is accessible for even dyslexic or English Language Learners.
  • Picture Vocabulary supports learners with words, definitions, and pictures they will encounter in the text.
  • The content within the iTunes U courses can be broken down to manageable pieces for learners as needed.
  • Each book club enables learners to work at their own pace, accessing the content at the rate each one needs.

After reading their blog, linked above, subscribe to the professional development course the authors have designed for educators to take the first steps in DigiLit Book Clubs.

Introduction to Digital Book Clubs Professional Development Course was created by the authors to support educators with an introduction to utilizing their self-paced digital book clubs in the classroom.

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DigiLit Book Club #1

The Princess in Black Digital Book Club was the first DigiLit Book Club iTunes U course from the authors.

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DigiLit Book Club #2

The Templeton Twins Have an Idea Digital Book Club is the second DigiLit Book Club iTunes U course from the authors.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 3.21.25 PM

Mrs. Krautkramer and Mrs. Gullatt have stepped into unchartered waters with their DigiLit Book Clubs.  They have blended the tradition of reading and balanced literacy with the technology of iTunes U.

To keep up with the latest from the authors, follow each of them on Twitter: @LitLeeKK and @LitCCE or follow them together: @DigiLitBooks

Their design of the DigiLit Book Clubs enables students to have access to content for learning both in and outside of school.  This transformation is found within Article I: The New Digital Learning Environment within Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas, and is articulated specifically within the first premise: students have access to and regularly use digital technologies as tools for learning as an integral part of in and out of school learning.

1.a The technologies that make this new digital world possible must be viewed as opportunities and tools that can help us in educating and socializing the young both in and outside of school.

I had the opportunity to hear the authors speak at the North Texas Regional Consortium Visioning Conference and my sketch notes from their session are below.

sketchnote digilit books


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