Social Studies in Action

Refreshing seven out of the nine courses available on TASA on iTunes U is no easy task.  However, with hand-picked teachers to work on this content, they truly rose to the challenge.  Bringing unique backgrounds and teaching styles together created an experience like no other.  Teachers were grouped together by their subject speciality, representing different districts and schools and immediately got going, curating what they believed to be the best materials out there for their subject areas and focused on transforming lesson ideas to reflect the need in the classroom.  These courses are a source for teachers to find materials needed for them to cover all the state standards in one place.

When working on the TASA on iTunes U Social Studies courses refresh, it was great to see the different teams of teachers come up with amazing lessons “for teachers by teachers” that will help transform learning. Their efficient use of time and resources resulted in amazing ideas being available to teachers across the state.  They worked together to blur the lines between digital and physical learning to create a more meaningful experience for students. By creating a variety of different lesson ideas, it also provides teachers a choice in how they teach.
Some great examples that can be accessed for TASA on iTunes U Social Studies courses:

Intermediate 3-5: Good Citizens Share Common Characteristics

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World Cultures: Apartheid

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Texas History: Simulation – Life in a Spanish Mansion from UNT Portal

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8th grade US History: Causes of the American Revolution

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World Geography: Agriculture

World Geography: PSA over widespread diseases in Africa

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Government: Foundations of Government

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The New Learning Standards  in Creating a New Vision for Public Education recognizes the need for diversified learning to occur in the classroom.  When teachers work together in teams the needs of students are met much more easier because each individual brings their best talents to the table to allow the creation of better lesson and ideas.    

  1. D: Standards should respect and value students’ “multiple intelligences” and talents, and provide opportunities for all students to excel and experience success

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