Why move to Social Media

Communication, communication, communication.  This is one of the keys to success no matter what school you are in.  Parents and Community members want to be involved and feel informed.  That is why social media can bridge the gap and allow faster and better communication.

One thing that schools struggle with constantly are not always communicating the best and brightest.  I feel that there are hidden gems that need to be broadcasted especially in our day and age where news tends to be negative.  By allowing this level of communication it will also allow parents to feel more included and involved in the information. This can help increase the anticipation and even participation in events even more.  

Using social media and using various forms of social media will allow us to disseminate information to where the parents are.  Not all parents take the time to read traditional newsletters, so the fact that social media has a character limit it will allow information to be shown and produces in smaller segments.

Some example post can include:

  • Introducing new staff members to community
  • Promote school events
  • Setting a positive culture
    • Include inspirational quotes
  • Showcase amazing projects and lessons from school

Just as the students are constantly changing, so are the parents of our students. It is important not to continuously do something just because that was the way it was done before.  

The supporting premises appears in New Digital Learning Environment in Creating a New Vision for Public Education recognizing the teaching proper social media usage and being the role model for students. 

II. G. We (families, schools, churches, youth organizations, etc) cannot control access to information by the young and recognize that once-existing boundaries no longer exist.  

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