3 Underutilized Ways to Use your Promethean Board

When your school is not a 1-1 school, and electronic devices are not accessible in your room, you can still use the power of Technology with your Promethean Board. Hands-on learning is vital at the elementary level where engagement in the lesson is crucial.   Using the Promethean Board can do it all, while there are many features and uses I am just going to touch on 3 that tend to be forgotten.


Turn any image, introduction into a new school or unit into a scavenger hunt for information.  Turn an image into this  or use it as an example of a research project.  


When you are engaged in your lesson and want to show progress of one student, snapshots will be your key to success.  Snapshots will allow you to do exactly what it sounds like- take a snapshot of what is happening at that moment and the work a student has completed.  This is a great strategy to use when documenting work and showing student progress/ and or mastery.


The Promethean Board is not just a fancy projector but an interactive whiteboard, that allows learning to be tactile and student centered.  Students can lead a lesson or work together as a team to solve a problem.  There are several ways how you can use this effectively in the classroom, but I like to point out is Magic Ink.  Allowing you to hide pictures under pictures and have students explore to find an image.



Here are some of the ways that these 3 uses of the Promethean Board can help you

  • Progress Monitoring (Snapshots)
  • Adapting to learning styles (ThingLink and Magic Ink)
  • Providing more resources and activities (Using web and research tool)
  • Student Engagement (Active learning by doing using Promethean Board)

The supporting premises appears in New learning Standards in Creating a New Vision for Public Education recognizing the importance of tactile learning and engaging of all students.  

2.D. Standards should respect and value students “multiple intelligence” and talents, and provide opportunities for all students to excel and experience success.

A special thank you to Lynn Gustafson from Mansfield ISD for her knowledge of all things Promethean.


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