Showcase of Apps

This might not be an issue everywhere, but sometimes we get a bit too comfortable with using certain apps or programs and we eventually get tired of them.  I saw a great quote once “If you get back 30 of the same, that is not a project but a recipe”.  I agree.  There are countless ways in which something can be completed or shown.  Giving students a choice in how they display the information will lead to better project and work in general.  Having stated that sometimes we need a jumping off point- so here it is in a visual format.

Instead of doing the same keynote presentation- try some other apps that will give you great results too. Try something other than Keynote, make a public service announcement over a topic and allow your kids to show off their content and creativity at the same time. iMovie and apps such as 30 Hands are not only easy to use but make presentations more unique. Presentation Apps

Instead of doing the same grouping of students in tables in your class- try some other apps that will give you the collaboration effect that will be crucial to success. The time has passed where everyone has to be in the same room for work to be completed collaboratively.  So use the power of Google and have the kids receive instant feedback and collaboration.  Collaboration Apps

Instead of doing the same poster type format- try out infographics and other design elements. A picture says a thousand words so let the students start expressing their thoughts.  Any informational project can easily be converted to a graphic and have much more of an impact.Design AppsInstead of trying to keep everything contained in one class- try opening up the class to the world by using some of these apps. Don’t limit yourself to the materials only available in your classroom, explore the world by connecting to other cultures, virtual field trips or global collaboration projects.  There is no limit- you can do anything.  Interaction and Connection Apps

Try some different assessment apps, especially something like Quizizz, that is a sister company to Kahoot but allows students to work self-paced. They are fun and different and will allow versatility into your classroom.

Assessment Apps

Hopefully, you can find a few apps that you haven’t tried before and explore more.  Have fun exploring!

A Special Thanks to Brittany Jeanes @EdTechBrittany for helping me come up with these and creating the visuals.

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