Device Management

Within the high level alignment indicators of the Visioning Implementation Matrix, we recognize the importance of policies, practices, and/or procedures [that] provide guidance, definition, and clarity regarding use of digital devices and digital communication for learning. These expectations are supported with the tools and training needed for successful and ethical use of digital technologies and media. 

Last week, a Technology Management and Discipline Plan currently used at the high school level was shared.  This week, we look to elementary for a method of device management that extends down to our youngest learners in kindergarten.

The educators, called designers, at Richard J. Lee Elementary use a check in/out system for learners to take responsibility for their devices (both iPads and MacBooks).


Classes are organized vertically into houses, and Layne Sommers, Blue House Designer, shared the document the learners use to sign in/out for devices in their space (classroom).

link to access

Thank you to Ms. Sommers for sharing this tool for device management and thank you to all of the designers at Richard J. Lee for continuing to model service to others by sharing their school with the world through tours and their story available through the iBooks Store.

For the latest adventures in Ms. Sommers’ class, follow her on Twitter, @NetZeroLSommers.

To keep up with the latest happenings at Richard J. Lee, follow the school on twitter @NetZeroLee.





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