Focus on Forms

With so many things out there in the tech world that can be used, sometimes the basics get overlooked.  Google Forms can do more than just simple data gathering and I think it is time to focus on forms.  Beyond the basics of what forms can do the advanced features that can be used can truly help make Google Drive work for you!  The infographic that I have included details a few of the things that can be done so that you get the best efficiency out of forms.


The simplicity that comes with forms is an easy way to get others to use it and yet the advanced features will encourage you to come back to it constantly.  Some of my favorite features include Logic Branching.  This allows the person answering the questions to go to another page based on their answers.  The value in this is incredible, making sure you are getting the most relevant information you need without subjecting everyone taking the form to try to answer all the questions.


Another favorite feature includes choosing response destination.  This allows me to keep one spreadsheet for an entire years worth of data but allowing the new information to be sent to different tabs in the spreadsheet.  An amazing way to keep survey data, etc in one place.  The last feature that most actually overlook it the customization feature in forms.  Most use the common themes that are provided by Google, but you can actually upload your own logo to customize the form.


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