The Standards: A Series

This is the first in a series of posts about learning standards.  We recognize we must go beyond the state standards in order to support teaching and learning to the highest possibilities for our PK-12 students in Texas.  We read in the high level alignment indicators of the Visioning Document Implementation Matrix:

Students learning is based on challenging, meaningful content standards that have been articulated, specified, and described PK-12. Learning standards in all content areas extend beyond the state curriculum including such things as: Ÿ

  • clarification/enhancement of the cognitive demand of the standards Ÿ
  • supports for ensuring that students have access to the full content of the discipline Ÿ
  • identification/clustering of “power” standards to ensure depth over breadth Ÿ
  • communicating linkages across disciplines.

First, we must be aware of the state standards and access them regularly in order to ground ourselves in the practice of standards-focused or standards-driven instruction.  Then, we can work toward providing the supports described above (cognitive demand, accessibility, power standards, and cross-disciplinary linkages).  These four supports will be described in the remaining posts in this series.

In order to start with the state standards as a focus, it is recommended that you bookmark, print, or save the standards in an efficient format.







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