Excellence Emanates

With  1,200+ school districts serving more than 5 million students, Texas schools have so much to learn and inspiration to gain from one another!  Operating toward the same state and college and career readiness standards with a focus on a common vision, there is a powerful network of districts who have embraced Mission: School Transformation.

From informal conversations via professional learning networks to formal site visits, the conversation among districts is alive and well.  In fact, in the last year alone, Coppell ISD has graciously hosted more than 1,000 educators and administrators on campuses to explore what makes them unique.  In response to this demand and a desire to facilitate classroom visits and small group sessions during the tours, the district is planning CISD360, a two-day event on January 25 & 26, 2017.


Day One of CISD360 includes campus visits and Day Two will be dedicated to workshops related to curricular programs developed/implemented by CISD at various levels, PK-12.

Within Article V. Organizational Transformation, we strive toward the point when district leaders have engaged district staff, parents, and community members in the articulation of the district’s purpose and values and have translated these into a culture of excellence that inspires students, staff, and community to commit to and engage in the work of making this vision a reality for all students.

V.a Excellence emanates from a shared commitment to values and standards, high levels of engagement, and strong leadership at levels functioning within an accountability system that inspires.

In what ways is excellence emanating from your district as a result of a shared commitment to values and standards, high levels of engagement, and strong leadership?

How is your district inspiring students, staff, and community?


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