Anchor Charts Meet Technology

There are certain things that will be present in every single elementary classroom. One of those things will be an Anchor Chart of some shape or form. So how can something’s that can be present in all classrooms, be updated to showcase seamless technology integration? Here are three ways in which to revamp the traditional Anchor Chart.

Explain Everything
Simply take a picture of your traditional Anchor Chart and import it into Explain Everything. This will now allow you to record your voice, main ideas and concepts for your students. You then can display this on your computer, smart board, etc and students can use this as a self check whenever they need to listen to it again. This can allow your students to take ownership of their learning and understanding while still hearing you explain main concepts again. What I really love about Explain Everything is the fact that students can listen to instructions, concepts, ideas as many times as they need to in order to grasp the concept but as a teacher you only explained it’s once.  It provides a safety net for those students who need to hear it more than once while not drawing attention to them by raising their hands.

Collaborative Apps
Using a collaborative app like a Google Docs can allow students to have a voice and share in the collaboration and building of ideas. What Google Docs can and will allow is live polls, predictions as well as allowing students to collaborate on examples that can be added to the concepts to help them remember it more. Students participating and adding in ideas are an amazing way to remember the information while summarizing and addicting their own ideas. Other apps that can be used for collaboration include BaiBoard and Today’s Meet that offer additional opportunities to collaborate as a class and get immediate feedback

Thing Link
This will allow a truly interactive approach to an a Anchor Chart. Thing Link allows additional information to be hidden into the Anchor Chart which will allow students to be surprised and excited about what new information they will see. This option would be great if you wanted to add other resources such as quick videos, photos or links. Thing Link allows teachers to be able to use one medium and not constatnly switch between platforms.  Easy to set up, it can have a lasting effect while keeping engagement.
These are just a few ideas of how to try something new and get more collaboration and engagement in the classroom.

Supporting Premise:

II.f New learning standards should reflect realities of the new digital era, where students are not just consumers of knowledge but creators of knowledge.


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