Coding with Swift

Swift is Apple’s new programming language highlighted on the Everyone Can Code website.  Swift was designed to be easy to use.  New to coding in Swift?  Check out Swift Playgrounds, an iPad app to support you to take your first steps.   Interested in joining me in this journey to learn something new, model the learning process, and take a risk to step outside your comfort zone?  Follow these steps to take a leap into coding with Swift:

  1. Download Swift Playgrounds on your iPad. (Free)
  2. Download Learn to Code 1 (Fundamentals of Swift) Playground within the Swift Playgrounds app by tapping Featured (bottom of the screen) and choosing Learn to Code 1 (Fundamentals of Swift).  IMG_1105.PNGNote: Once you download this Playground, you may access the content anytime, anywhere – no internet connection needed!
  3. That’s it!  Start coding.  Complete levels/puzzles in these categories:
    1. Commands
    2. Functions
    3. For Loops
    4. Conditional Code
    5. Logical Operators
    6. While Loops
    7. Algorithms

Are you up for a challenge?  Join me in learning Swift!  Share your progress on Twitter using #LearntoCode1

How are you modeling the learning process with computer science and coding?  I challenge you to join me in learning Swift.  Consider the Learn to Code 1 Playground as a learning module – the more you play, the more you learn.

Within Article I: The New Digital Learning Environment of the Visioning Document, we recognize:

1.c The potential of learning anywhere, anytime, “any path, any pace” must be embraced. Future learning will be a combination of learning at school, virtual learning, learning at home, and in the community.

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