Apple Teacher

In September 2016, Apple announced Apple Teacher, a new program created to support and celebrate educators. The program provides a self-paced learning experience with tips, inspiration, news, and learning materials to help teachers unlock the magic of iPad, Mac, and built-in apps in the classroom. Earn badges and an official Apple Teacher logo so you can share your achievement with the world. Sign up today!


Interested in learning more about Apple Teacher?  Visit


To receive recognition as an Apple Teacher, educators review learning materials and, when they are ready, take quizzes to earn badges in the Apple Teacher Learning Center.  Educators may access the content anytime, anywhere in this virtual learning experience.


Educators may choose to pursue recognition as an Apple Teacher through either the iPad or Mac collections.  Of course, educators are encouraged to explore both collections!


Once educators have completed the process to become an Apple Teacher, they may then pursue recognition for Swift Playgrounds, earning an updated Apple Teacher logo featuring their Swift Playgrounds skills.


Upon completion educators receive an official Apple Teacher logo to share with the world. Check out #AppleTeacher on Twitter!

Learning Center

Continue to learn more by visiting the Apple Teacher Collection on iTunes.  Download the books while you have internet access and read them offline anytime.  The Apple Teacher Collection includes:

  • iPad Starter Guides
  • Mac Starter Guides
  • iPad Learning Workflows
  • Mac Learning Workflows

Throughout Article I: The New Digital Learning Environment of the Visioning Document we read abut the necessity to embrace digital technology and the lasting benefits of digital learning on teaching and learning.  Specifically:

1.a The technologies that make this new digital world possible must be viewed as opportunities and tools that can help us in educating and socializing the young both in and outside of school.

1.c The potential of learning anywhere, anytime, “any path, any pace” must be embraced. Future learning will be a combination of learning at school, virtual learning, learning at home, and in the community.

Have you begun the journey to become an Apple Teacher?



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