Creativity & Art: Light Painting

This post continues to tell the story of the art classroom at Denton Creek Elementary in Coppell ISD.  Ms. Sharon Chen shared the process she uses with students in 4th and 5th grades to foster creativity in a safe environment, based on the positive classroom behavior traits of collaboration and self-management.

Throughout all learning experiences, the students collectively earn compliments for positive classroom behavior.  The behavior Ms. Chen specifically notes are those characteristics aligned to the goals of her campus.  The points are never lost and do not denote individual student conduct.  Ms. Chen uses these painter’s palettes to collect compliments:


Then, when the class has demonstrated enough positive behavior through compliments, their reward is for everyone to enjoy a round of light painting!  The images below were captured using a tripod, DSLR camera, mini flashlights, and CREATIVITY!

Chen light paintingChen light painting 2





More images of light painting can be found of her blog:

Ms. Chen shared how the students are free to create any image they choose with the light, including shapes, words, and outlines.  Notice how the students’ photos denote the light painting in groups.  This reward was earned as a group, so it is celebrated as a group!  This opportunity to paint with light is a highlight of her class and her students enjoy the creativity outlet it allows for them with their classmates.

Thank you, Ms. Chen, for sharing how you use positive feedback to your classes through compliments and allow your students to experience this additional opportunity for creativity!


Within the Visioning Document, Article II: The New Learning Standards, we read:

IIc. Learning standards should embrace development of the whole person to build students’ capacity to shape their own destiny as individuals and as contributing members of society

The risk-free opportunity Ms. Chen affords her students is a step toward the work of development of the whole person, encompassing 21st century skills (collaboration, self-management, creativity, problem-solving, judgment, negotiation, etc) and personal development skills (choice, social/emotional skills, self-management, etc.).

For the latest in Ms. Chen’s classroom, follow her on Twitter @MsChenDCE.






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