Resources for Parents

This post highlights the resources for parents made possible by Round Rock ISD’s Elementary Mathematics Department.  Brian Bushart and Regina Payne are the dynamic duo behind RRISD’s new blog (

A unique feature to the blog is the Resources page, specifically the portion designated for parents:

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.47.51 PM
link to access

The links include videos explaining Why is Math Taught So Differently Now? and the TED Talk favorite, Math Class Needs a Makeover by Dan Meyer.

There are resources to support the development of a positive identity (mindset) toward mathematics and tools to encourage Talking Math with Your Kids.

To promote problem solving, mathematical conversations, and pattern exploration, the site provides a list of mathematical games and products (with an explanation about each).  There are also digital games and products to explore.

Regarding the resources posted on the site, I had the opportunity to pose this question to Mr. Bushart: How do these resources help break the time/space barrier of school and extend learning mathematics to anytime & anywhere?  The response he provided emanates his passion for teaching and learning mathematics:

By now parents know the value of reading to their children at home, but what about doing mathematics? It’s not as easy as checking out a book from the library…or is it? In putting together these collections of resources, I wanted to give parents convenient access to a wealth of websites, videos, books, and games to support them in supporting their children in learning and doing mathematics. It’s easy for parents to feel a disconnect between the mathematics they know and the mathematics their children are learning in school. My hope is that these resources help build a bridge that empowers parents to do and talk math with their children at home. However, I didn’t want to provide resources that focused solely on facts practice. Math is about so much more than number crunching! Rather, these resources inspire and challenge parents to think and talk about math in new and exciting ways with their children. Some resources help parents better understand why math is taught differently today while others encourage parents to notice and wonder about mathematics in the world around them. In the end, I want to invite parents to be part of their children’s growth as young mathematicians, and I want to ensure they have the resources they need to have an active role in this exciting aspect of their children’s lives.

Within the Visioning Document, Article I: The New Digital Learning Environment, we read this premise:

1.c The potential of learning anywhere, anytime, “any path, any pace” must be embraced. Future learning will be a combination of learning at school, learning at home, and in the community.

The support for parents to continue the conversation about mathematics at home, much like what has happened in the world of literacy for decades, is powerful.

For the latest in RRISD Elementary Math, follow Round Rock ISD’s Mathematics Department (@EMathRRISD), Brian Bushart (@BStockus), or Regina Payne (@reginarocks) on Twitter.

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