Engaged in the Summer

With summer quickly approaching, as a mother and educator, I’m on the lookout for great programs that can engage my own little one. One of the programs Mansfield ISD subscribes to that I find invaluable is RAZ-Kids. My son has used it all year in class, so continued use this summer as he improves his reading is a no-brainer for us!

Raz-Kids decribes itself as a leveled reading program that allows access for students anytime, anywhere – from home (website) and on the go (with a mobile app version).

They boast over 400+ eBooks and open-book eQuizzes that test comprehension and provide teachers with skill reports for data-drive instruction.

Great features include the ability to listen to books for modeled fluency, practice reading on their own, and even record themselves reading so teachers can hear their fluency as it improves. Books include Spanish, song, nursery rhymes, poetry, and more.

I know for my first-grader, Raz-Kids has been something he looks forward to practicing reading with. The variety of stories and the ease of accessibility makes his reading practice at homework time something he feels confident working on with or without me.

In addition to reading, other helpful suggestions include exploration and reflection (get out and enjoy some hands-on learning, then record experiences in a journal). Students should also advance education through camps, exhibits, crafts, and volunteer opportunities. Learning happens when students are involved in the process.

Online learning can also offer a variety of activities from drawing games like SketchUp, which offers the ability to draw in 3D, building with programs like Lego Digital Designer, Learn Your Tables, a program that helps students with multiplication, or even Rocket Science 101 which allows students to select a NASA mission, build a rocket and then send it into orbit.

Don’t feel like the summer has to be all about workbooks and worksheets. Summer is a great time to branch out and go beyond the walls of a classroom!






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