How to Create a Map Using Google Sheets

Guest blog by Kim Murphree, EdTech Trainer from Mansfield ISD.

Yes- you read that title correctly. You can quickly and very easily use a Google Spreadsheet to create a really nice looking map in just a few clicks. Not only that, it’s a pretty simple process.

Step 1: Gather your data into a Google Spreadsheet, your data should be somewhat location based.
Step 2: Highlight the data you would like to map. Be sure that the locations are part of the
Step 3: Click the table/chart button in the top toolbar.
Step 4: Choose the Country option
Step 5: OPTIONAL- You can choose to put the map on a separate sheet so that it lives all on its own 🙂

If you’re more of a visual person, please click below to watch a (very brief) video of how to create a Map from a Spreadsheet.


How to create a map using Google Spreadsheets Video

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