Using Social Media to Strengthen your School’s Communication

The world of communication is constantly changing and social media use is only on the rise. Statistics show that over 74% of parents are on social media, so one of the best ways to disseminate information, is to go where the parents already are. Society is conditioned now to look at a phone when an alert chimes, thus allowing schools to use this as a benefit. What worked 10 years ago, will not necessarily work today. We need to adjust to the needs to parents today.


Society demands communication and social media could be the effective way to use it to promote events, and make our stakeholders feel apart of the school community. One of the fastest growing demographics in twitter are not millennial, it is the older generations that make up the parents and grandparents of our students. It does not necessarily have to be Twitter or a Facebook page. It’s not about the app, but how you use it, so any tool can be effective. Parents want to be involved, so even if they can’t make the field trip, we can share some experienced with them. It can help be a conversation starter at home.


This is an example of a recipe to use to strengthen communication but also increase engagement from our stakeholders. Starting without a plan can be disastrous and inconsistent. Plan to include all student round and departments were involved by setting up a posting schedule, this allows for equal coverage of all grades. Start by having a goal to post one time a day every day we are in school, this will ensure a daily presence. Allow teachers the ability to load pictures ahead of time and load it on a platform such as Google Drive folders.


Include a mixture of videos and photos to engage social media users.

Some examples that social media can be used for:

Show our teachers training and working hard
Video of our 4th grade graduation
Video of 1st ever graduating class from Reid
Sneak peak of upcoming events ( Choir concert)
Friday staff spotlight
Grant winners
Grit awards: student’s showcasing perseverance and determination
Instruction in the classroom
Awards and banquets
Teacher accomplishments – teachers publishing etc


“This is not about technology. This is about connecting and sharing with others, and yes, technology can be a fantastic medium for this. It is still ultimately about the relationships you create. Remember that there is a difference between an educational administrator and an educational leader. How do you want to be remembered? ” George Couros, former principal.

To see the examples in action please take a look at Martha Reid Leadership Academy Twitter and Facebook Page.


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