Have it Happen with Hangouts

Before we can truly get to the meat of this post today it is vital to understand the difference between hangouts and hangouts on air. Hangouts in general, are an easy way to have private and group conversations with text, emoji, photos, voice, video and more! One of the features that make this better than other forms of connections are that hangouts are not device specific.  Hangouts are limited to 10 people interacting at the same time, while Hangouts on Air allow that same broadcast to have an unlimited audience. Recorded sessions on Hangouts on Air are also stored on YouTube.  Hangouts can be broadcast both publically or privately, generally intended for small groups, and great for small group instruction.  Hangouts on Air is broadcasted publically on YouTube Channel, and it is great for a large scale viewing.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.38.24 PM.png

Some of the great features that are included in Hangouts on Air include but are not limited to the following:

  • Easily share screen
  • Call phones from your computer
  • Use on any device that has internet
  • Works within Gmail or Google+
  • Live-stream with Hangouts On Air
  • Record and view later

Hangouts can be used to eliminate boundaries to enhance experiences within a school but also within the educational community.  What Hangouts can do for you:

  • Video Conferencing:  With up to 10 connected devices. Note that there can be more than one individual using a device, so, for example, you could connect to an entire classroom of people at another location.
  • Screen Sharing:  Allows you to share your computer screen or look at someone else’s screen. This can be great for troubleshooting or walking someone through a website.
  • Chat: Included in the Hangout is the ability to engage in instant messaging or chat. This is a good way to share links or side information with other people who are participating in the Hangout.
  • Document Sharing: Hangouts is integrated with Google Drive. This allows you to keep online notes that everyone participating in the Hangout is able to see. You can also upload and share other Word, Excel and PPT documents to your Drive that can then be shared with participants during the Hangout.

Some of the great ways that Hangouts can be used

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.40.44 PM.png

So no matter what your goal- Google Hangouts can be your resource to make this happen.

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