A Peek into KCAL in Keller ISD

This post was written by guest blogger, Joella Duran.  Ms. Duran serves as the Work-Based Instructor Specialist at the Keller Center for Advanced Learning (KCAL) in Keller ISD.  The images and descriptions below provide a peek into the Center.   These photos paint a picture of how educators are providing engaging, authentic work for students as they develop future-ready skills throughout the CTE program.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 11.33.03 AM

Our Vision for Schools in Texas describes our core business as “providing engaging, appropriate experiences for students so that they learn and are able to apply their knowledge in ways that will enrich their lives and ensure their well-being.”  There is no other place that this concept is highlighted like it is in CTE classrooms and at CTE centers across the state.  CTE programs allow the educational environment to combine core academics with real-world application.

Our focus at Keller Center for Advanced Learning in Keller ISD is to embrace and seize the potential of each student in order to capture their hearts and minds. Through the design of authentic and engaging work, our teachers are able to reach all learners so that both challenge and success is experienced.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 11.33.15 AM

How do our teachers know when a student knows the information beyond just an assessment? The student is able to apply their knowledge in new and unfamiliar situations.  This allows further development on the “future-ready skills,” such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. This leads students to become the creators of their knowledge and further enhancing the skills that will transfer into the real-world.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 11.33.31 AM

As students are working in these environments, authentic, real-time feedback is key. For our students, it allows them to know where they are in their learning. For our teachers, it allows them to make adjustments to their instruction in order to better support their students where they are at that moment.

ACTE says, “The most important role of our education system is to build a brighter future for our nation’s students as professionals and as citizens, which hinges on its ability to providing students with the skills to obtain well-paying, valued careers.” At KCAL, our goal is to help students to find their passions and to give them the tools they need in order to further develop those passions into a skillset that will be useful as they leave our schools in Keller ISD and step out into that big world that is at their fingertips.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 11.33.46 AM


For more information about KCAL, follow the campus on Twitter @KCAL_KISD or visit the school website: http://campus.kellerisd.net/school/cal-006/.

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