2018 Professional Learning Opportunities: Digital Platforms

This post is a continuation of last week’s 2018 Professional Learning Opportunities: Conferences post.

Within Article V: Organizational Transformation we read: V.g Leadership development at all levels (teachers, included) must become a primary means of building needed capacities to function in required new roles.  In addition to the necessity of learning a new role, development of leaders is a model of lifetime learning, laying the foundation of a larger learning institution for teachers and students as well.

Leadership development is a purposeful, ongoing, and explicit practice at throughout the district at all levels. Professional development plans and practices are clearly focused primarily on instructional leadership for realizing the New Vision for teachers, principals, and administrative staff. 

The list below includes three of my favorite practical resources for district and campus leaders.  The content within these free, digital resources are useful, timely, and serves as a model for transformative leadership in many capacities.  I encourage you to access these materials and consider how your work may become more efficient and effective by replacing one (or more) of your current methodologies with a different structure or system.

1. Administrator’s Instructional Technology Toolkit

This iTunes U Course by Nancy Garvey, Director of Instructional Technology in Coppell ISD is organized into the categories of: Efficiency; Organization; Explanation; Communication; Presentation; Reflection, Vote, and Ideas; Professional Learning Techniques and Modalities; Engaging in your own Administrator Professional Learning Experiences; and Next Steps.  Wondering how to improve your note taking efficiency, planning organization, or methodologies to communicate more effectively?  I recommend subscribing to this course and referring back to it throughout the year as you reflect on your practice.

First, be sure you have the iTunes U app on your iPad.

Then, click this link (on your iPad) to subscribe to the course.  As Ms. Garvey makes any additions to the course, these will automatically be reflected on your device, with no need to update!

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.48.11 PM

2. Elements of Leadership

This book from Apple Education supports leaders to consider vision, culture, capacity, team, community, finance, and measure to bring about intentional, sustainable, whole-school change.  A companion to Innovation in Schools, this book inspires leaders to reflect on their current reality, make decisions to keep/revise/change strategies and structures in place, and take next steps to continuously innovate our schools.  Looking for an organized, scaffolded resource to re-center and begin making positive change in your school? I recommend downloading this book and using it as a tool throughout the year with your leadership team.

First, be sure you have the iBooks app.

Then, click this link to download Elements of Leadership.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 3.44.21 PM

3.  The Joy of Professional Learning

This series by Apple Distinguished Educators Kurt Klynen, Cheryl Davis, Camilla Gagliolo, Jason Kathman, Christine Klynen, Johan Andersson, Katie Morrow, and Marjan van de Vrie is devoted to bringing the joy back to the professional learning experience.  Currently, there are 7 books in the series, beginning with the first which was published in 2016.  Organized by the amount of time available (minute, hour, day, year, conference, and social), the recipes in the books are intended to support understanding about implementing innovative professional learning.

Similar to the resources included in Ms. Garvey’s iTunes U course listed above (#1), The Joy of Professional Learning: Strategies for Leaders includes tools for leaders as you work to integrate professionalism, sustainability, relevance, interactivity and leadership strategies with your team.

Click here to access The Joy of Professional Learning website.  Read about stories of professional learning and download the books.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 3.54.30 PM.png

Have you made positive change in your leadership as a result of the content in any of these resources?  Do you recommend any additions to this list?  Please make a note in the comments below.

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