4 Best Resources for Social Studies

No matter the age, one of the best ways to have students learn is by opening the world to them.  Here are the four easiest ways to bring the world into your classroom.



This website is full of stock images that will allow you to travel the world in seconds. It is seamlessly integrated with Google Earth. The basic account is free to use. There are multiple ways to find images in this sight, one is using the search engine, while another is using the world map and searching and last but not least be surprised and look at the editors pick. This site it’s always updating its pictures to allow you the most current images in the world


Google Expeditions

This uses Google cardboard and allows virtual field trips anywhere in the world. The negative of this is that it needs Google cardboard and devices. The positive is that it allows you to have virtual rips to many places that would never be within reach.  There are almost no limits when it comes to Google Expeditions.


Geo Guessr

The challenging way to learn about the world. It is addicting so be careful.  It will hook students and teacher, and there are various degrees of difficulty that will allow you to apply to various grade levels. This game shows you images and you have to guess the location of the image.  The closer (measured in miles) to the image, the more points you can earn.


National Geographic Kids

The best part of this site is the interactive world map. This site allows you to be able to gather a complete overview of different countries.  It covers people, culture, geography, nature, government, economy as well as history.


Geography can be so exciting, it’s time to give the world to the students and put knowledge at the center.

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