Resolutions or One Word?

It is January and talk of the new year is widespread.  Whether in the form of a resolution, stating personal or professional goals for the year, or One Word, a single focus for the next 12 months, reflective leaders consider plans for 2018.

Learning Goals

As a model of life-long learning, teachers and school administrators set learning goals.  Within the Visioning Document, in Article IV: Accountability for Learning, we recognize:

IV.h End results are not the only results that matter, for some results are set as goals that, if achieved first, would enhance the end result.

Do you set annual learning goals, such as reading a certain number of books, completing graduate school, or beginning a blog?  How do you plan to measure your success?

Personal Goals

We encourage passion-driven learning experiences for our students, and the same holds true for our teachers and school administrators.  How are you making time to pursue your passions?

Do you set personal goals, such as time with your family, growing your hobbies, or exercising?  How do you plan to measure your success?

It is important to take care of yourself, so that you may take care of others.

One Word

Have you chosen to follow Jon Gordon’s lead and select One Word for 2018?

Words like Embrace, Pause, Joy, Balance, Listen, Create, and so many more have been shared through social media since the 1st of the year.


By sharing your resolution or your One Word, you are announcing to others that you are willing to grow and to continue to improve.  Mention your plans briefly through Twitter, or elaborate more in a blog post.  In any manner, when you share your goals, you invite potential accountability partners and cheerleaders into your growth.  Most importantly, sharing as a transparent leader models a growth mindset and your role as a lead learner on your campus and in your district.

As a reflective leader, looking forward into 2018, you are a model for other administrators, teachers, and students.  Continue to learn and grow and the benefits will abound!

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