Overlooked Tips and Tricks with Technology

With so many new updates coming up constantly, the best tips and tricks of the past get overlooked.  This is a brief glimpse into the best features that are still available on both the iPad and the MacBook devices.  So let’s kick it off with the MacBook tips and tricks.


MacBook top 9 tips that get overlooked:

  • Don’t print or even download a PDF simply to sign it.  You can sign them while in your mail app.  Simply hover over the PDF while in your mail app and wait for the small icon to appear.  Select what looks like a drop-down arrow and select Markup.  This will give you the options to customize a signature as well as mark up a PDF immediately.
  • The Preview app allows you so many editing features that can come with photoshop without having to download any additional software or apps.  The cropping features that can be found here can rival other apps.
  • When large files are needed to be sent- don’t forget one of the easiest ways to send large files is to use AirDrop.  Thankfully this can also work between devices as you can AirDrop something from an iPad to a MacBook.
  • Now you can screen record your iPad using your MacBook.  Simply connect both devices using your cable.  Then open up QuickTime Player, start a new recording and then make sure that your iOS device is selected.  This easy solution can help cut down on the time needed to make instructional videos.
  • Don’t frustrate yourself with “right-clicks” on the trackpad- adjust it to meet your needs, whether it is to make it as a click, position your trackpad that each corner means something different, or use two fingers to right click.  All these are options and so much more can be found in your System settings and can be customized to you.
  • Screenshots can save valuable information in just a second.  They are sometimes undervalued but can provide step by step visual representation with information.
  • Shortcuts are exactly that shortcuts.  There are thousands of actual shortcuts that can be used.  To learn all those are not realistic at all.  However to learn a few such as Comand + A to select all, or Command + Z is to undo the last item, and another one Command + H is to hide window currently open.
  • The spotlight on the MacBook can also act as a conversion app.  Simply open the spotlight and if you want to convert a dollar amount, simply type in the amount and it will convert it for you.
  • One of the best time savers I have found is to use the spacebar as a preview for documents without having to open them. Simply have the file selected and use the space bar and the preview will appear.  It’s as simple as that; but so worth knowing.

Of course, a post on tips and tricks would not be complete without focusing on what the iPad can do as well.


iPad top 9 tips that get overlooked:

  • Siri can do more than search.  One of the best ways that I have found her useful is to remind me.  With constantly meetings and changes in schedule, using Siri to help to remind you of important things is a fantastic time saver.
  • Can’t find in which folder you stored which app? Stop looking for all the apps, simply use the Spotlight app to help you find the app and save you the time.
  • If you constantly visit the same website- save yourself some time and save that shortcut on your home screen and make it look like all your other apps. Open up your website on your iPad and then use sharrow key and select “Add to Home Screen” and then it is done!
  • One of the fastest ways to lose an audience when you are presenting from your iPad is when you get them feeling like they are on a boat, this happens way to frequently.  The solution is simple.  Lock your iPad orientation so that as you move your iPad screen stays the same.  This is also a great feature to use when you are reading, that way as you move from one place to another the pages don’t jump around and you can read more peacefully.
  • Want to save something as a PDF from a web page?  Simply open up your website on your iPad and then use sharrow key and select “Save PDF to iBooks” option.  Be sure that you have the iBooks icon downloaded to your device so that that option will be available to you.
  • Screenshots can save valuable information in just a second.  They are sometimes undervalued but can provide step by step visual representation with information.
  • If space is an issue your camera roll might be guilty again.  Many people delete photos but forget to empty the trash can here too.  When you are in you photo album app, select the album option to the far right.  Then select Recently Deleted. Select photos again (remember there is a “delete all” option to the left), and delete photos again.  Photos are automatically deleted from here 30 days after they were deleted the first time.  But if you are trying to save up storage this extra step here could solve your problem.
  • There are so many wonderful features that are built into the iPad already- make sure that you take advantage of that.  Use the built-in features that are available in accessibility features.  Some of my favourite accessibility features include inverted colours and Guided Access.
  • Move quickly from one app to another open app by simply using your home button and double tapping.  This allows quick movements between apps and helps you accomplish more faster.

Hope these tips and tricks have been useful to you.  They are certainly not all of the tips that are out there but I have found them very useful personally and hope you do too.

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