iTunes U as a Parent Resource

A free app that houses the world’s largest online catalogue of free educational content. With over a million resource available in iTunes U, it has moved beyond just a resource for teachers, to now be able to serve the needs of all.  iTunes U has the ability to give access to materials to parents, allowing the ingression of content that matters, making connections to relevant material, as well as introductions to digital parenting, can all be found in one place.

Because of that way that iTunes U is set up, making it a requirement for anyone who wants to publish a course to be affiliated with an institution. This ensures that the material that is published comes from accredited institutions that have teachers that know their content.  As a parent, looking up course material,  it is safe in the fact that it will be content that matters provided by teachers.

Materials are easily updated in iTunes U, thus allowing parents and teachers to get the most up to date information when enrolled in a course.  It is also easy to identify how much new information is added into each course through both the small numerical indicators in red in your iTunes U library, but also when the course is opened in the blue indicators that show new posts.

With technology constantly changing and updating, being an informed parent can sometimes feel like a full-time job. It is essential however that parents keep up with all these changes to continue to ensure a safe digital environment for your child.  Thus, iTunes U could help meet those needs by informing the parent of all relevant digital parenting information and strategies available to them.

Searching features that allow for customization of what material is pulled is also another reason why iTunes U can meet the needs of parents.  That just in time delivery of making sure the most current courses or those most relevant to the search are provided making sure that time spent in iTunes U is time spent well.

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