Tips for iBooks Author

There are so many tools that can be used in our digital world that we live in but iBooks Author still rates amongst the best. iBooks Author can be your vehicle to publishing material professionally or for your students to use, but it can also be used as a tool for students to become authors.

The widget tools of iBooks Author is what set it apart truly and make it interactive instead of just another electronic publication.  Here I have added a few of the most frequently asked questions when we train on iBooks Author.


My 12 tips for using iBooks Author is as follows

  1. Don’t worry about the length of the book.  Because there is no cost to the book- you can make one for every unit and it is ok!
  2. Find a theme.  I usually go for a color theme and it truly helps tie the entire book together and present it as a cohesive unit.
  3. Disable portrait orientation because then the format of the book will remain the same no matter if the user turns or rotates it.
  4. LOOK at other great books that are out there and see what you like and don’t like with each.  When you see something that you like you can build your book in the same style.
  5. Use media that you can incorporate into your book- it is what truly will make it interactive and separate it from the pack.
  6. Customize your toolbar when you build your book to give you greater access to the tools you use constantly.
  7. The font can change the entire book.  Be smart about what you choose, make sure that it is readable but also that it draws attention to the right places.
  8. Do not plagiarize- watch out for copyright material.  Use sites such as Creative Commons to protect yourself or create your own images and wording.
  9. Keynote actually works really well in iBooks and it is one of my favorite features.  You can build your keynote and make the keynote interactive so that if something is selected it will go to a certain slide and import that into iBooks.
  10. Change the template- don’t just stick with the ordinary.  There are several more free versions of templates that can be downloaded- explore them and find one that works for you.  It will make your work much easier.
  11. Play with the interactive widgets- because this is what separates an iBook from an ebook.  This makes it interactive and exciting to look through.  There are several other widgets that you can purchase in addition to the ones that come free such as 360view, etc.
  12. If you want to be super fancy use multiple inspector windows at the same time.  Simple select “alt: and click on an icon.


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