Using Photos to Capture Evidence of Learning

As we consider how to collaboratively analyze and engage in conversations around student data, we must consider what that data might look like.  Beyond multiple-choice assessments, we recognize the power of using digital technologies to capture artifacts of student learning (Article III: Assessment for Learning).  I encourage you to consider one of the most basic features of digital technologies: the camera.

How might teams of teachers use digital technologies, including the camera, to capture evidence of student learning in order to structure conversation around teaching and learning?

How might students capture evidence of their own learning using the camera and archive the images in a systematic way, including reflection on the process?

The Shared Albums feature within Photos in iCloud provides a simple, systematic way to archive and share images with others.  Any photos or videos on your iPad Camera Roll, or already saved within Photos can be added to a Shared Album.  Though the owner of the Shared Album must have an Apple ID to create the album, there is no Apple ID required to view the album if the owner publishes to a public website (an option within Photos).  Also, sharing is possible with those using a Windows computer, as the images may be housed on a public website that invitees can access via a unique web address.

iOS10-960x960_Photos-Icon_US-EN (1).png

Albums can be used to curate photos and videos from invitees, based on certain set up features by the owner.   This minimizes the workflow and necessity to gather images on a single device for a large batch upload of content.  Invitees may also like and comment within the album, should the owner choose to utilize this feature as well.

We photograph things that matter to us.

How might you use Shared Albums to curate and share photos and videos without the barrier of a lengthy workflow process?

Workflow to Invite People to Shared Albums on iPad:

  • While in Photos, navigate to the Shared Album.
  • Tap on People and set restrictions (Subscribers Can Post, Public Website, Notifications).
  • Share link.


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