Shining a Light on Texas Public Libraries

This is the first in a series of posts focusing on the value of our Texas public libraries.  Guided by the Visioning Document, we realize that the potential of learning anywhere, including in the community, must be embraced.  Though this premise specifically refers to the digital learning environment, we also acknowledge the opportunities our public libraries provide to students and families when school libraries are not available, specifically on weekends and during the summer months.  This blog series will include highlights of various public libraries across the state in connection to various themes.  First we will shine a light on story time.

Let us consider the opportunity for our youngest of students and their families in a format commonly referred to as story time.

Houston Public Library

Story Time at the Houston Public Libraries is offered in a variety of formats including Baby Time, Toddler Time, Preschool Story Time, and Playgroup.

Baby Time
An interactive storytime featuring books, songs and fingerplays with playtime afterward. Ages: 6-18 months.

Toddler Time
Stories, songs, crafts, and playtime for toddlers 18 to 36 months and their caregivers.

Preschool Story Time
Stories, songs and rhymes for children ages 3-5.

A multi-sensory approach to early literacy. Stories, songs, and activities for babies, toddlers, and their caretakers. Ages prenatal to 4 years. Available in English and Spanish.

Fort Worth Public Library


Story Time at the Fort Worth Libraries are based on the Every Child Ready to Read philosophy that identifies six skills that help children to learn to read and five practices that enhance those skills.

Preschool Story Times geared for children who have not yet started school are scheduled at 10:30 a.m. and introduce your child to the wonder of reading and instill a love of books.

Family Story Times are planned for multiple age groups of children and are scheduled at 4 p.m. and on weekends. Come as a family and enjoy great stories, songs, and rhymes that provide something for everyone.

Bearly Bedtime Story Times scheduled at 7 p.m. are perfect before bedtime as a quiet activity that introduces families to children’s books, songs, and rhymes.

Bilingual Story Times (Spanish and English) are available at all of our library locations.

The benefits of story times extend beyond the sessions provided at the public libraries themselves.  These early literacy focused events empower families with strategies and excitement to continue reading at home!  I encourage you to celebrate story time at your local public libraries by acknowledging these events and advocating for participation by the students and families at your schools.

Use school and classroom newsletters to help families become aware of these opportunities and attend as an educator, acknowledging the value our Texas public libraries add to our schools every day.

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