Preparing for my First Year

Guest blog by Mallory Adolph, a first-year teacher at Annette Perry, Mansfield ISD.

There is nothing that could compare to the feeling of saying yes to your first official job. I had been working tirelessly through college to finally obtain my degree in the field of education. With eyes on the prize, I had been desperately not only wanting a job but wanting to teach in my home district. When the call finally ended, I could feel a rush of release from all of the stress that had been building up. I was not only going to graduate with a job, but with a job at my dream school in my dream district. Stepping off the stage at graduation and into the shoes of a now first-year teacher, the wave of stress has begun slowly flowing back to the shore. Only this time, the stress is dulled out by the excitement I feel to officially be designing and buying materials for my first class ever.

I have already had to face a horde of cockroaches in my new classroom, bringing a swift and deadly day of Armageddon. My bank account has quickly begun to drain as I have been buying things to take my classroom from being a workspace to a place just like home. My computer has started to fill up quickly with new files and Pins I had started to collect; eagerly thinking of how I can implement them in lessons in the future. Being a first-year teacher is going to be a tsunami of things, crashing on my relaxing beachside with things to remember, crunch-times, paperwork to fill-out, and the looming first-day of school approaching every single day. However, none of it scares me like it would have in the past because of what being a teacher is all about. Rather than crumble in the waves of things to do or fall under the pressure of the unfathomable responsibilities of a teacher, we simply rise above for the needs of all of our kids because they are the reason why we carry on. Although I may not know who my students will be, I think of them every time I kill a cockroach, drain my bank account, or as I spend numerous hours creating materials for my class because this is all for them.

So as my storm approaches with high waves and treacherous seas, I will grab my surfboard and prepare to ride the crazy wave of being a first-year teacher with excitement and determination to be the best I can be.

One thought on “Preparing for my First Year

  1. Madeline Anderson says:

    Good luck Mallory Adolph! Mansfield is a GREAT district. I was there for a long time & my own kids graduated from there like you. It sounds like your enthusiasm will really help prepare you for whatever little difficulties come your way. Have a great year!


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