Summer Reading Programs at our Texas Public Libraries

This is the third in a series of posts focusing on the value of our Texas public libraries.  The first post highlighted story time for the youngest of students and their families and shared information about the Houston and Fort Worth libraries.  The second post provided a peek into maker spaces within the North Richland Hills and El Paso libraries.  Now, this post is about summer reading programs offered through our libraries.

Guided by the Visioning Document, we realize that the potential of learning anywhere, including in the community, must be embraced.  Though this premise specifically refers to the digital learning environment, we also acknowledge the opportunities our public libraries provide to students and families when school libraries are not available, specifically on weekends and during the summer months.  This blog series will include highlights of various public libraries across the state in connection to various themes.

Summer reading programs are a great way for kids and families to set reading goals, explore books of their choosing, and celebrate reading with others!   These programs often accompany age-specific events that encourage patrons to visit the library, share their love of reading or learning about their passions, and become familiar with the space.

San Antonio Public Library

The theme for the 2018 Mayor’s Summer Reading Club through the San Antonio Public Library is Adventures in Library Land.  Library patrons register online and return to the site to record titles of books read during the summer.  Participants are encouraged to keep reading to earn an Adventures in Library Land certificate and free paper back book!

Abilene Public Library

Abilene Library

The Abilene Public Library offers Summer Reading Clubs geared toward specific age groups: Kids, Teen, and Adult.  Youth through grade 5 participate in the Kids Summer Reading Club, the Teen club is aimed at grades 5 – 12, and the Adult club is for 18+.  The library also offers an extensive list of events for kids and tweens including a Rockstar Boot Camp, Lego Club Junior, and various family films.

Summer reading programs provide opportunities to re-ignite a love of reading for all ages.  Take some time this summer to read (or listen) to books available in your public library and celebrate literacy with others.

I encourage you to explore your own library and commit to a little summer reading of your own!

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