Book Clubs at our Texas Public Libraries

This is the fourth in a series of posts focusing on the value of our Texas public libraries.  The first post highlighted story time for the youngest of students and their families and shared information about the Houston and Fort Worth libraries.  The second post provided a peek into maker spaces within the North Richland Hills and El Paso libraries.  The third post shared information about summer reading programs at the San Antonio and Abilene public libraries.  This post is about opportunities to discuss and share your love of reading with other patrons through book clubs.

Guided by the Visioning Document, we realize that the potential of learning anywhere, including in the community, must be embraced.  Though this premise specifically refers to the digital learning environment, we also acknowledge the opportunities our public libraries provide to students and families when school libraries are not available, specifically on weekends and during the summer months.  This blog series will include highlights of various public libraries across the state in connection to various themes.

Book clubs are groups of people who come together to talk about an agreed upon book or list of books.  Book clubs can be very structured with defined meeting dates and locations along with predetermined discussion points.  Organization in this way allows for participants to prepare by reading the book, or portion of the book, and reflect appropriately for conversation during the meeting.

Dallas Public Library

Dallas Public Library Logo

The Dallas Public Library offers books clubs at various branches across the system.  Generally meeting once per month, these clubs discuss books available for check out through the library catalog.  The Audelia Road Library even offers a mystery book club in addition to its general book club.   If you are a Dallas resident, check out the book clubs through the Dallas Public Library and share your passion for reading with others!

Longview Public Library

Longview Library Logo

There are multiple book clubs offered through the Longview Public Library, including the Diverse Readers Book Club, Informal Ladies Book Club, and Young @ Heart Book Club.  Each of these groups meet monthly on specified dates/times and welcome new members.  If you are a Longview library patron, explore the book clubs and find the one that best suits your interest.

Book clubs provide opportunities to come together, build a community, and share a love of reading.  Take some time to explore book clubs available in your public library and celebrate literacy with others.

I encourage you to explore your own library and commit to a little summer reading of your own!

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