Book Review: The Writing on the Classroom Wall

In his book, “The Writing on the Classroom Wall,” Steve Wyborney shares his story of how he used Big Ideas in his classroom.  24 in all, Steve’s Big Ideas were what he describes as unexpected truths that resonated with him.  He shared them with his students as he talked about learning.

How often do we talk about learning with our students?

Look around your classroom or office for a blank space that is waiting for you to post your Big Ideas – your most heartfelt beliefs about learning.  In doing so you will:

  • Empower your students;
  • Propel your growth; and
  • Lead to a lifetime of learning.

I summarized Steve’s Big Ideas in sketchnotes:

Paper.Professional Learning.78 2.png

Paper.Professional Learning.79.png

Paper.Professional Learning.80.png

Paper.Professional Learning.81.png

Paper.Professional Learning.82.png

A Framework for Vision-Driven Instruction and Leadership includes a compilation of Instructional Practice Considerations, aligned to each of the vision premises under the six articles of the Visioning document.  One such considerations is:

How am I supporting students in the self-management of learning?

Consider having conversations with students about learning and about identifying Big Ideas that encompass deep rooted beliefs about education.

What is the writing on your wall?


I encourage you to read this book, reflect on its message, and take action in your classroom and in collaboration with your colleagues as you consider your own writing on your wall.

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