10 Ways to Reflect or Close a Lesson With Less Than One Minute Prep Time

10 Ways to Reflect or Close a Lesson With Less Than One Minute Prep TimeExit Ticket

  1. Exit Ticket
    1. Google Forms can be a great tool to simply get a quick exit ticket
  2. 3-2-1
    1. 3 things they learned, 2 things they have a question about, 1 thing they want the instructor to know.
  3. 3 W’s
    1. Answer 3 questions:  Why? Why does it matter?  What now- how does this tie into our current learning?
  4. Thumbs up/ thumbs down
    1. Pose some questions that can be answered thumbs up/down/ sideways, ask for an explanation of the decisions.
  5. Parking Lot Chart
    1. As students raise questions and share ideas during the lesson, write them on the parking lot chart.  Revisit these questions at the end of the lesson, allowing students to answer questions and respond to others’ ideas.
  6. Examples
    1. Students have to provide real-life examples of the material learned that day
  7. Pass it
    1. After 10 minutes of lecture or lesson, give a few minutes for students to write down a fact that they have learned.  This gives students a minute to process the information, then they pass it along. After the next few minutes of the lesson, they write down another fact they have learned on the card that they were given.
  8. Invent the Quiz
    1. Students create questions for the quiz.
  9. Rate your understanding
    1. Students use their hands to indicate understanding.  5 fingers mean concept masters while thumb only means help is needed to grasp the concept from the beginning.
  10. Define
    1. Define the main terms used in the lesson both verbally and through images

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