Book Review: Make it Stick

“Make it Stick” draws on cognitive psychology, blended with stories of real learning to offer specific, actionable techniques to become a stronger learner.  The authors, Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, and Mark A. McDaniel uncover counterproductive study habits, the illusion of mastery, spacing, interleaving, and retrieval practice to equip readers with academic habits to make it stick.

Do you have a growth mindset about your own learning?  How you see yourself and your abilities matters.

Do you use metacognition to reflect on your thinking?  The most effective strategies are often counterintuitive.

I summarized the powerful message of this book in sketchnotes:

Make it Stick - 1 - KemperMake it Stick - 2 - KemperMake it Stick - 3 - KemperMake it Stick - 4 - KemperMake it Stick - 5 - KemperMake it Stick - 6 - KemperMake it Stick - 7 - KemperMake it Stick - 8 - Kemper

A Framework for Vision-Driven Instruction and Leadership includes a compilation of Instructional Practice Considerations, aligned to each of the vision premises under the six articles of the Visioning document.  Two such considerations are:

How am I supporting my staff in setting personal learning goals?

Do I have systems in place for staff to track and record their progress toward learning goals?

Consider your work as a professional educator.  What are you learning about?  In what ways are you monitoring your own learning at a profound level?

I encourage you to read this book, reflect on its message, and take action in your work as a learner.  For more, including access to a book club hosted on FlipGrid, visit



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