The Emergence of the Merge Cube

Guest blog by Kim Murphree, Educational Technology Trainer in Mansfield ISD.

Whether you were in the wave of folks who rushed to Wal-Mart to buy $1 Merge Cubes, or you’re just now hearing of this phenomenon- you are in for a treat.  Merge Cubes are bringing the cool to your content.  This seemingly innocuous foam cube can launch you into the galaxy, teach you anatomy, or transport you to a museum- and MORE!

The Merge Cube is a piece of technology that uses your mobile device to trigger an augmented reality experience.  Simply download one of the many available apps (found at, point your device at the cube- and voila- a hologram in your hand. The genius of it is that multiple experiences can be had with one cube, making it super easy to use this technology across curriculum in multiple subject areas.

Many apps are free, such as Galactic Explorer and Mr. Body.  There is even a newer addition to the merge miniverse- Object Viewer.  This one is really exciting as it allows users to upload their own 3D images and project them using the cube.  This means if you’re covering DNA, you can now have students hold a strand of DNA in their hands and investigate using AR technology.  The possibilities are endless!  Merge (no pun intended) this with apps like Qlone, or programs like TinkerCad or Sketchfab and you can scan or create 3D Merge experiences of anything!

Below you will find a quick, easy guide to the Merge Cube, including what it is and what apps are out there.  Many apps are added all the time, and Merge is aware and listens to teacher requests- Shapes was recently added and brings what many Math teachers have been wishing for – a manipulative and immersive experience to teach abstract geometric concepts.  So be sure to visit to stay up to date, as apps are added all the time.

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