5 Ways to Increase Parental Involvement

One of the greatest indicators of success is parent involvement. Listed below are a few examples of ways in which parental involvement can be increased both in the classroom and in your school. Successful education allows for a partnership between home and school, so use some of these examples to start the year off right.

Student led conferences
One of the best ways to get parents to school, is to have the students come too. When meetings are held, too many times parents are defensive right off the bat. Allowing and empowering students to lead conferences will automatically take some of that out of the equation. Students from k-12 can lead these conference .By allowing students to show their goals and what they are working towards. Allowing student to keep a binder and tacking their data whether they are from test scores or sight words, can allow students to take ownership of their learning.
Parent University
No one is an expert on everything and sometimes Siri doesn’t seem to help when trying to teach phonemic awareness. By offering an event night with free daycare, parents can attend sessions that appeal to them is a sure way to increase parent involvement. Some of the sessions that could be offered include:

  • Academics on the run
  • Love and Logic
  • Bringing Literacy Home
  • Do Video games retire a kids’s brain
  • Number Ninja’s
  • Science @ Home.

Bringing in experts in the community to one convenient location allows parent to access knowledge and resources while also building a closer relationship with the school.
Social Media
Seeking parental involvement in social media goes beyond just having a page or Twitter account. It is in the purposeful questions posed to parents and fostering a safe environment where parents feel that they can share. One way this can be done successfully is in focusing on one thing each month. Posting a question to parents and asking them to share how they have implemented something In their lives or homes can allow others to see great ideas and opportunities and foster a sustainable environment of ideas.
Community event nights
Building a culture within a school goes much further that just the walls of the school. Thus it is important to have certain events such as a bike rodeo, where everyone can bring their bikes and ride through a course that morning, or a family fun run. If you feel up to the challenge host an annual Boo Fest, where student trick or treat down the hallways. There are options for any budget to allow parents to share memories with the school and teacher that can last beyond the year.
Positive phone calls
This year my campus has a wall covered in flowers that represent every student in our school. The flowers are color coded by grade level and are in Teacher flower posts against the wall. Every week teachers come and pick a flower in the hallway ( they cannot pick their own students) to make a positive phone call home. It takes less than five minutes a week but the results have been incredible. The impact will be hard to measure as positive ripples are still being seen from phone calls weeks ago. By the end of the school year all flowers will have been picked and the wall empty- that will be the best flower harvest in history.

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