Student-led Conferences

As we shift towards a growth mindset, it is important to allow our students to do the same.  Students need to have “some skin in the game” and take ownership of their learning. It is ok to know that we are all still learning and that we can master that concept, the word “yet” needs to enter our statements more frequently too.  

By encouraging our students to take ownership of their learning and voicing their growth to their parents, we are foster greater communication skills both at school and at home. We are allowing students to have a voice in their education.  Through the use of common language, the expectations on campus can be communicated and the overall campus can be synched in expectations.

Student-led conferences can allow the celebration of milestones and not just the finish line.  Student-led conferences allow involvement of all family members, as well as the perfect platform to share products that have focused results.

Guidelines to Success

  • Empower students
  • Show data
  • Practice
  • Set up guidelines or script

Student have an opportunity to set personal and academic goals.  They track their progress in binders.  Having personally been on both ends of the conference tables, as both an educator and as a parent, it is one of the most impactful events.

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