Top 10 Tech Tools for both Teachers and Students

With so many technology options available, sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed with the options.  In this article, I have attempted to narrow it down to the must have’s for every classroom.

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Top 10 for Teachers

  1. Jing (screencasting)
    • One of the easiest applications to use, with built-in tutorials if necessary. Jing allows teachers the opportunity to organize and share content. Jing uses Snagit (screen capture ability for images and videos) and Camtasia (screen recorder and video editor) that allows the perfect pairing of tools for teacher use.  Jing
  2. Thinglink
    • Enhance any picture with additional information and links. This application is great for teacher use but amazing for students to present their own projects with. Allow an image to truly be worth more than a thousand words. Thinglink
  3. Canva
    • The easiest way to unleash your creativity with the fastest results.  Simple for use for both teachers and students.  An excellent way to do visual representations of content that captures attention from the start.  Canva
  4. Bloomz
    • An all in one communication tool for teachers.  Allowing a snapshot of students work and direct interaction for engaging communication. Bloomz allows you class updates, photo sharing, calendar and reminder notifications, two-way communication, messaging, student portfolios, and behavior tracking. Bloomz
  5. Google Drive/Classroom
    • Simply put- you need to use this immediately.  From unlimited storage for educators, an ability to interact in real-time, work from anywhere and anytime, an automotic saving of all files and documents.  This is a one-stop shop for your needs. Google Drive
  6. Epic (unlimited books)
    • Digital library for children 12 and under. Free for educators to use, it allows you to give class codes for every class.  This allows you to assign read as well as take quizzes too. Epic
  7. Remind
    • Real-time messaging in an instant. Send messages to phone or email contacts and organize your classes in as many ways as you would like. This app is so popular that it is used in more than 70% of US schools. Remind
  8. Class Dojo
    • Want to build a classroom community? This might be the app for you. Students can create digital portfolios and upload their voices to their projects. Works on any product/ device. Built with privacy in mind, it is a great way to start. Class Dojo
  9. Seesaw
    • Perfect platform for student engagement and one of my favorites. Free for teachers and device compatible, it is a perfect way to snap and share projects from students to parents to build an amazing partnership. Seesaw
  10. Goosechase
    • Scavenger hunt for anyone.  PERFECT for field trips and any other engaging experiences. Questions can be set up with text, pictures, video or even GPS.  It is a one-stop shop for the digital age that combines competition with content. Goosechase


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Top 10 Tools/ Games for Students

  1. Plickers
    • Formative assessment through games. It is fast, it is simple and it is free.  Plickers
  2. Kahoot/ Quizizz
    • Kahoot allows for the whole class or group participation and the race is on to see who can answer the questions the fastest.  Fun and easy way to review. Kahoot  Quizizz is a sister game to Kahoot, but it allows students to see questions and answer choices on individual devices instead of having to look up at the projected board.  The main difference is although this is also based on time, it does allow students to have more time to read, and does not discourage them from not answering. Quizizz
  3. Skype/ Mystery Skype
    • One of the best ways to work on communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.  A fun way to learn about various cultures around the world, this game does not get old. Mystery Skype
  4. Chatterpix/kid
    • Simply take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. Then enjoy. Chatterpix
  5. Cool Math
    • Game-based education to the test.  No matter what grade- you can find something here that can help. Cool Math
  6. Prodigy
    • Curriculum aligned math that can be played both at school and at home.  This is addicting and students will be asking if they can play. Individual-based on performance, it is one of the best of its kind and its free. Prodigy
  7. Flipgrid
    • Through the use of either #gridpals or flipgrip, social interaction is made easier. What is your story?  Share and learn from others all around the world.  Connect individually or as a class. Flipgrid
  8. Swift Playgrounds (coding)
    • Programming game for any Apple product. Safe but yet challenging way to learn how to code.  The speed of the application certainly adds to its charm and gets users to continue to return. Swift
  9. Duolingo
    • Learn a language for free. Although it does not have every language in the world, it is easy to use. Bite-sized skills in a gaming format. Duolingo
  10. Puppet Edu
    • One of the most diverse apps out there.  It allows for combining photos and videos, add narration or music, search for images or maps and can easily be shared. Puppet Edu


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