Let’s Get Inspired!

New year, new resolutions. Although the internet has revolutionized the flow of information, it can still be daunting to figure out where to find the best information. There are a great insight and information out there from fellow teachers, it is just important to know where to look.

The following is a list of the best education blogs that could provide inspiration.  These are always worth a few visits.  In order to not show favoritism, I’ve listed them in alphabetical order by blog title.

  • A Greater Impact
    • A great blog hosted by my co-author for Vision in Practice- Mary.  This site has her mathematical genius at work.  It showcases presentations, sketch notes, and digital tools all in relation to mathematics.  This blog has a real feel to it that allows anyone to see actual events, strategies, and problems that are overcome right here in Texas.
  • Cult of Pedagogy
    • I love, love, love the organization of this blog.  It allows me to find what I need or looking for at a glance. This site is divided into three main categories Craft, Go Deep and Teacher Soul.  Under each category, there are multiple subcategories that can help you find what you are looking for. In the Craft section, you can find instruction, classroom management, and technology. In Go Deep section you can find learning theory, leadership, career and PD, book reviews and hot topics. In my favorite section Teacher Soul, you can find an attitude adjustment, working together, inspiration and stories.
  • Cycles of Learning
    • “When curiosity is sparked… deep cycles of learning can occur” that is the essence of this blog.  From a science teacher perspective, this blog has a wonderfully different way of thinking through experiments and getting inspiration through content.
  • Leslie Fisher
    • Keeping up with technology can be hard.  What makes this blog different are the show video segments that show real solutions to things every teacher wants to know.  Don’t get frustrated- search this blog to help you out first.
  • Mind Shift
    • Using one word to describe this blog- different.  It is a refreshing blog that holds your attention to what is happening with actual scenarios or stories attached.  “Explore the future of learning in all its dimensions”. This allows you to be ahead of the trends and figure out what is happening in the world of education.
  • Mr.Orr-isageek.com
    • Exploring creative ways to encourage students to use critical thinking more, this blog is all about problem-solving. It showcases his classroom as well as a podcast with his blog, so the appeal is much broader than most. What I love most about this blog are the actual lessons and templates that can be found.
  • Pernille Ripp
    • This blog is all about passionate readers and learnings.  A published author who shares her knowledge and thoughts for all. I love her blog post on pausing twitter- how she needed to take a mental break to be with family and asked her husband to change her password.  She throws in personal experiences and allows you to feel human with her and she explores different ways to ignite a passion for learning.
  • The Daring Librarian
    • From maker-space ideas to incorporating technology in a multitude of ways. This site is different and very relevant.  An international speaker and spokesperson for Librarians and educators everywhere- this blog will keep you updated and in the know.



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