Innovating Literacy in K-3

Recently, a team of global educators collaborated to produce a free resource to enhance a culture of literacy in K-3 classrooms.  The book, titled Literacy, focuses on five elements of literacy: listening, reading, writing, speaking, and vocabulary.

Inside you will find tips, advice for parents, assessment suggestions, sample resources and tips on accommodation to increase accessibility to literacy.

This resource is inspiring, exciting, and worth the download (it’s free!).

screen shot 2019-01-04 at 1.59.22 pm


Students follow directions provided by an avatar to create a scene with LEGO bricks, listen to a podcast and use dictation skills to capture content, and use GarageBand to capture a conversation as they set it to music.


Students sort and match word cards they access via QR codes, use FaceTime for Reader’s Theater, and use GarageBand to create music to reflect the mood of a piece of text.


Students write about a mystery picture they access via QR codes, create bubble brainstorm charts with Keynote, and use Pages to write about photos they capture on a scavenger hunt.


Students use Clips to demonstrate understanding of what they have read, use panoramic photography to capture sequencing practice, and use LEGO bricks to bring a story to life.


Students use video to capture themselves using a new word, write missing words as they access text from Unite for Literacy, and use Clips to create a viral video about vocabulary words.  They also create comics, dynamic poetry, line draw limericks, and green screen adventures.

The Vision tells us … to prepare future-ready students, schools must embrace and seize technology’s potential to make their learning experiences more engaging. 

Literacy, by Kurt Klynen, Christine Klynen, Karrin Burns, Christina Carbone, Richard Colosi, Katie Gardner, Kerry Guard, Jake Lee & Sara Malchow.



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