Making the Most of the 2019 TASA Midwinter Conference

Later this month, school and district leaders will meet in Austin for the 2019 Texas Association of School Administrators – Midwinter Conference.  As you and your colleagues finalize plans to make the trip to our state capital, consider these tips to maximize your Midwinter experience.

Last year 6 tips for making the most of the 2018 Midwinter Conference were shared.  This post expands on those and is updated for 2019.

1.  Ask Questions

Engage in your learning by seeking out answers to burning questions.  Bring a list of questions as well as a list of experts to approach while in Austin.  Ask others for advice related to how they have handled situations similar to those in which you currently find yourself.  Prioritize your questions and remember that you are advocating for your district/campus by seeking answers to solve problems.

2.  Make Connections

Seek out colleagues with whom to network.  Share business cards and contact information as you make plans to reconnect following the conference.  Recognize we are better together and other campus/district leaders are navigating similar paths – let’s work smarter, not harder.

3.  Challenge Your Thinking

Be open to challenging thinking.  Agreeing and approving does not move mountains the way added ideas and differences of opinion do.  Advocate for yourself and your constituents by considering new ideas.  Maintain focus on learning and make decisions with students in mind.

4.  Celebrate Your Campus/District

Rather than blend into the crowd, tell your story and the story of your district or campus.  Consider sharing as a means to influence others’ in a positive way.

5.  Connect Digitally

Read more about the conference on the TASA Midwinter website, download the Conference Program, and follow the hashtag (#TASA19) on Twitter.

Make the most of your Midwinter experience by asking questions, making connections, challenging your thinking, celebrating your campus/district, and connecting digitally.  Be more than an attendee – be an active participant engaged in the learning!

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