Best of the Web

There are so many GREAT PD opportunities out there for teachers, but we might not know about them all. So what better way to get a list of them all, than by asking teachers themselves.  Through a survey that was taken by countless teachers, administrators and educators in the country, the following webinars have been deemed the best of the best.

If you want to learn from other teachers and see some of the great new things that are out there, this might be a great first stop.  This site has been raking in rewards. With a focus on the needs of educators, this site blends PLC with outside learning to make learning enjoyable again.

TCEA webinars that fit into the schedule of a teacher. This site offers such a variety of resources and webinars that occur weekly.  So a great site to re-visit.

If you want to find a way to either learn all that you need yourself or find resources to teach your students with, this next website can fit that bill. This site is all about empowerment.  Getting you the knowledge and the confidence to use technology efficiently.

If you are looking for peer to peer assistance with the greatest and newest technology out there, this might be the right stop for you. This site is all about integration of technology in the classroom from someone who is a former teacher. Relative and short videos/ tutorials are available here.

If you would like to add some webinars that were not featured here to the list, please follow the following link.

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