Wildly Important Goals

Last week at the TASA Midwinter Conference 2019, Sean Covey spoke about Transformational Results: The 4 Disciplines of Execution.

He shared about how everyone can be a leader.  This is more about creating life-ready leaders in our schools than leaning on leadership because of one’s title.  Do you see the clear connection here with Kelly Croy’s Book, Along Came a Leader?  With such take-aways as: (1) leadership can be taught, (2) learn to say no and focus on what matters, and make a contribution, an achievement… transformation of self and others is about leadership.

Do you…

  • Focus on the wildly important;
  • Act on the lead measures;
  • Keep a compelling scoreboard; and
  • Create a cadence of accountability?


I continue to consider the phrase: wildly important goals.  This description, wildly important helps focus on the very few ideas that matter.

How do you determine what is wildly important and how to you communicate those goals?

Consider your campus or district improvement plan.  Is it focused on the wildly important?  Can your constituents/community/staff determine what is absolutely most important to you and your school or district through this document?

Did you attend this general session at TASA Midwinter with Sean Covey?  What were your greatest take-aways?

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