Building Partnerships. Dinos, Tigers, and Fun, Oh My!

Guest blog by the Teen Leadership class of Mansfield High School in Mansfield ISD.

What do we do?

Once a week we join Martha Reid’s First Graders in their PE class, forming bonds with our youngest peers. We are supplemental help to the coaches and enjoy every second with them. We can wholeheartedly say we appreciate every second with your children and they are the highlight of our week.

A Day in Dino Land

To give a brief summary of things we do while at Martha Reid

  • Participate in Obstacle Courses
  • Stretch and exercise
  • Kickball
  • Jump roping
  • Stations
  • Dancing
Big picture

Meet the Mentors

Hello! We are Mansfield High School Juniors and Seniors involved in the Teen Leadership II program. We willingly offer our time to make a difference in the lives of children in our community. Through our partnership with Martha Reid, we are making a positive impact on our future leaders, while creating unforgettable experiences for ourselves.

Long Lasting Experiences


What do you enjoy about going to Martha Reid?

  • “This partnership has taught me patience and how to have a childlike mindset”
  • “I like being around pure joy, it makes me happy and puts a smile on my face”
  • “It makes me feel like being a kid again”
  • “Working with the kids change my mindset to having less stress and worry, and allows me to have fun”


Why do you like the Mansfield partners coming to Martha Reid?

  • “I like that we see new guys sometimes. I like that we play stations with them.”
  • “I like that we exercise when they come.”
  • “They make everything fun when they are around.”
  • “I feel happy to see my buddy because we became friends quickly.”

From the Teachers

How does Teen Leadership coming to benefit the students?

Coach Thibert, Mansfield High School

“When we pour our time, our efforts, and our hearts into serving others, the benefits are great for everyone involved. You reap what you sow!”

Coach T, Martha Reid Leadership Academy

“I love to see the friendships they create together! Having someone to look up to will follow them throughout the rest of their life!”

Coach Costa, Martha Reid Leadership Academy

“We love to see our younger kids just light up as the Teen Leadership kids arrive! It is true that ‘you never know who is watching’ because I see our kids watch everything the older kids are doing! We are teaching our students good leadership skills and the high school students modeling these reinforces all that we teach.”

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