Time to Learn

We know… The overall quality of the present teaching force is excellent, and most teachers are capable and willing to take on their new designer role if their sense of moral purpose for entering teaching is honored, and if they are provided relevant developmental opportunities and a climate and conditions that support them.

Are we providing our educators the climate and conditions to support their professional learning?   Are we giving them time to learn?

Let’s consider how we design our professional learning.  Do we attempt to fit all outcomes into a perfect 60 minute block of time?  What if we think differently about how we structure the schedule for professional learning, breaking the barrier of time.  Let’s extend the narrative of learning before, during, and after the time we have together.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 5.21.50 PM

I challenge you to give time and space for your educators to think, discuss, consider, learn, reflect, and extend.  Break that mold of professional learning.  The teachers are worth it and the students are worth it.

What does your professional learning design look like?  How does it extend beyond the session?


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