Using Learning Menus with GT

Ultimately what we want all students to be able to do is communicate, think critically, be creative and collaborate successfully.  One way to allow students a choice while challenging them through activities is Learning Menus. While many different avenues could be used to facilitate learning menus successfully in the classroom, I find that combining it with technology gives a greater variety of choices to student and teacher.

The beauty of Learning Menus is that is can be used in every subject.  The possibilities are endless. Allowing students a choice while still meeting lesson objectives is the key to the success of learning menus. Using choice allows us as teachers to focus on what is important – the skill that students need to master.

“There are hundreds of paths up a mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t matter which path you take”

                                                                    Hindu Proverb


Thank you to Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning for allowing permission to use this image.  Check out her blog here.

Learning Menus can be complex and very detailed or it could be a simple way to access content taught.  It appeals to the gifted learner, especially with their highly developed curiosity, vivid imagination, abstract thinking, and that most G.T. students love a challenge.  A learning menu as an option would help G.T. students feel diversity in their learning and allow learning not to become stale. Projects or task such as these could work well either in a group or assigned independently.

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