Book Review: Dare To Lead

Brene Brown wrote this book “Dare to Lead” and it has a tremendous effect. Brown summarized it best in the following “ Brave work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts”.


Part one is all about vulnerability and courage. “I know I will eventually fail, and I’m still all in”, the message is clear “don’t be in the cheap seats”, be present and active in your life. Don’t define yourself by others opinions, it does not allow you to be courageous. But it is important that as you learn how to be more courageous and vulnerable, that you be authentic and never fake it.  Faking vulnerability will  lead to distrust.

6 Myths of Vulnerability

  • Vulnerability is weakness
  • I don’t do vulnerability
  • I can go it alone
  • You can engineer the uncertainty and discomfort of vulnerability
  • Trust comes before vulnerability
  • Vulnerability is disclosure

Part two is the call to courage. Don’t live in chaos, be clear with your intentions. You won’t always be the one that needs to do everything- find and use your team to make things happen. “Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings, or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behavior”.

Part three is the armory.  Go from armored leadership to daring leadership is a great jump.

  • Modeling and encouraging healthy striving, empathy, and self- compassion
  • Practicing gratitude and celebrating milestones and victories
  • Setting boundaries and finding real comfort
  • Practicing integration, strong back, soft front and wild heart
  • Being a leader and getting it right
  • Modeling clarity, kindness and hope
  • Making contributions and taking risks
  • Using power with, power to, and power within
  • Knowing our value
  • Cultivating commitment and shared purpose

Part four is shame and empathy. “Empathy is connecting to an experience, it is connecting to the emotions that underpin an experience”. We must lock into the skills necessary to truly connect with others on a deeper and more authentic level.

“Daring leaders who live into their values are never silent about hard things”

Rene really focuses on values in this book.  What I found interesting were some of the practice questions. The way the book was broken down was to allow the reader to get more in depth in certain areas and really not overlook any tool that could help in leadership. The personal stories that were shared in the book, helps everyone connect to the fact that there is no perfect leader.

One thought on “Book Review: Dare To Lead

  1. Celina Estrada Thomas says:

    Our Executive Leadership Team recently started reading this book together. We debriefed section one this past Monday. Great discussion and reflection!


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