Book Review: I wish my teacher knew

The book by Kyle Schwartz titled “I Wish My Teacher Knew” is an easy read. “How one question can change everything for our kids”.


Our schools are more mobile than ever before. Recent studies show fast increases in the likelihood that students will attend multiple schools.  There are ways that we can make the new school feel welcome to those students by:

  • Building a relationship
  • Creating welcome kits
  • Making hellos and farewells official
  • Transition mementos

One of my favorite chapter “All families count” and I find that one so true.  We have families in all forms on our campuses every day and making sure that they all feel valued. Some of the strategies mentioned in this chapter include:

  • Inclusive family tools
  • Considering how many family groups there are
  • Daily CQC: Celebrations, Questions, Concerns
  • Re-imagining the family project

Building a classroom culture of self- efficacy is another favorite spot for me. It speaks to shifting the mindset in the classroom and changing our attitudes to reflect a more positive presence.

The book has a personal story in every chapter that cements the issues they were discussing throughout. I enjoyed reading some of the signs of loss, some of which I did not know about.  What makes this book different is that it is not a cure for all, but addresses major issues in education that our student based and gives great examples and strategies for teachers to consider and use.

This book is a must read for anyone considering Education as a profession.  It outlines a  lot of things that veteran teachers know, but are the underlying rules that most colleges don’t teach.


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