Leading Other Leaders

We believe that a learning organization can create the conditions and capacities most conducive for leaders, teachers, and students to perform at high levels and meet the expectations of new learning standards. (Visioning Document, Article 5: Organizational Transformation).

As a leader at a campus or district focused on organizational transformation, you cannot lead alone.  Forward progress toward the vision is certainly only possible through the development of other leaders.  This leadership development at all levels (teachers, included) must become a primary means of building needed capacities to function in required new roles (educators as designers and facilitators of learning experiences for students).

So, what is next?

  • Review the Leadership Practice Considerations within the Framework for Vision-Driven Instruction and Leadership.
  • Determine who you will bring along with you on the leadership journey.
  • Consider opportunities for these other leaders collaborate with you on appropriate practices.

Focusing on the second bullet above, Who will you bring along with you on the leadership journey?  Consider those with and without specific leadership titles in your organization. Reflect on conversations you have had with others that demonstrate a common belief and vision.  You will be able to leverage this common vision to make forward progress by designing next steps and actionable items in your plan.

Don’t forget to look for others who bring a differing, valuable insight to the conversation.  People who have diverse experiences and knowledge to move your system forward are key.

Who will you bring along with you on the leadership journey?


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